Morgan Creek Ventures is a sustainable, design-driven real estate development firm based in Boulder, CO. Founded by Andrew Bush in 2001, the firm focuses on neighborhoods at the vanguard of change in a select group of creative Western cities. We believe that over time, this approach allows us to hone our investment strategy, identifying superior development opportunities.



You develop the ability to look ahead, anticipating potential opportunities and challenges, because at some level you have been there before. Our experience gives us the perspective to look beyond the base challenges associated with a development, and spend more time focused on sustainability, design and long-term value creation. The result is fewer mistakes and more consistent performance.


Time is the friend and the enemy of real estate. Time helps to create value by reducing debt and creating appreciation relative to other assets. Time improves good locations, but market cycles can result in depreciation and reduced performance. We try to take advantage of the benefits of time and guard against potential negative impacts by developing lasting assets.



Well-designed real estate projects, with a focus on sustainability, in the right cities, in the right neighborhoods perform better financially. In the short term they may be equal, but in the long term they always out perform their competitors. A more attractive product, that costs less to operate, in a better location, will always out perform its competitive set.


Some places shouldn’t be developed, especially when they include core environmental, cultural, or visual resources. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we have simultaneously helped to preserve thousands of acres while creating value for our families and investors.

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