Andrea’s Sustainable Salon at Boulder Commons

March 27, 2018/Green Building

Andrea’s opened in May of 2018 with the mission to be one of the first sustainable, aspiring Net-Zero Energy salons in the world. Andrea’s location at Boulder Commons was key in achieving this goal because of the building’s solar array and efficient building envelope.

Since opening, Andrea’s has been certified through PACE (Partners for a Clean Environment) as a zero-waste company, diverting 95 per cent of their waste from landfill to compost or recycling. In order to achieve this certification, the salon saved all trash, recycling and compost for two weeks. After each week all three categories were weighed individually, averaging 15.7 pounds of recycling, 3.1 pounds of compost and 1 pound of landfill trash. The shampoo and conditioner bottles, as well as styling product containers, can all be recycled. Hair is composted as are biodegradable gloves, napkins, tissues, paper towels, coffee pods and any food scraps.

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Water saving techniques aided in Andrea’s recent PACE certification in water. Shampoo bowls use EcoHeads which have precision laser-cut holes providing powerful water flow, while saving water and cutting down on rinse time.

Andrea’s is now working toward certifications with PACE in energy and transportation. As a solar-powered salon, Andrea’s has discovered creative ways to save energy. The salon utilizes smart technology to monitor, control and automate all energy output from outlets. Andrea’s has integrated tools like Samsung SmartThings and Amazon Alexa to give a friendly voice-activated user interface to all their smart salon features. Blow dryers and hair tools each have specific outlets that are turned off when not in use. Laundry is saved to be done once each day to cut back energy usage.

As a tenant at Boulder Commons, Andrea’s employees have access to bicycles and showers. They also carpool, ride share and take RTD transportation whenever possible. Andrea’s is in the process of scheduling a training with Boulder Transportation Connections on the other eco-friendly transportation options available in the Boulder area. Andrea’s hopes to become one of the first Boulder businesses that is certified in all four areas of PACE.

Eco-friendliness has not always been a priority in the salon industry. Andrea’s team believes that they can teach their peers that it is possible to run a salon that is sustainable in energy, waste, water and transportation.

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