Mission-Alignment Across Cultures:

How Morgan Creek Ventures and Vaisala collaborated on the Finnish company’s new North American Headquarters

June 4, 2019/Uncategorized

Morgan Creek Ventures had the rare opportunity to participate in a collaborative build-to-suit commercial redevelopment project with the Finnish company, Vaisala, an environmental measurement and services firm. The project was premised on creating an additional approximately 35,000 square foot building that represented their company values of employee happiness and environmental consciousness.

The new expansion campus would have a seamless outdoor and indoor connection, entries and lobbies that welcomed its occupants, and active public space in Louisville, CO. Intended to integrate cross-cultural architecture with Colorado-inspired design, the project is truly collaborative in nature and comfort-focused for its occupants.

Made of timeless and earth-borne materials, the new Vaisala headquarters has Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) flooring. CLT is a low-impact, low-embodied carbon material that creates less waste over its installation period and is a very clean material to use compared to traditional flooring. Additionally, the building includes a green staircase that maximizes the use of CLT and brings the outdoors inside, guiding occupants through a sunlit building, capitalizing on the natural daylight and mountain views made available through large windows on the west-facing façade.

In addition to an aesthetically pleasing indoor/outdoor design, the new Vaisala headquarters will house a geothermal system to ensure tenant comfort. Recognized as the most environmentally-friendly way to heat and cool a building by the U.S. EPA, geothermal seemed an obvious concept for the vision toward a sustainable new Vaisala headquarters. As demonstrated by cost benefit analysis, the technology provides energy cost savings and tax credits, contributing to a relatively short payback period.

Further supporting tenant comfort, the new Vaisala headquarters focused on its occupants needs, offering a more noise-controlled environment through strategic placement of conference rooms, collaborative break areas and individual work spaces. Bike storage and shower/changing rooms allow more mobility options for tenants.

Grounded in sustainability, collaboration, and indoor/outdoor connections, the new Vaisala headquarters elevates the surrounding neighborhood and offers its occupants an enjoyable experience each day, successfully harmonizing Colorado inspiration and cross-cultural design to create a building that is “Finnish with a Twist”.

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